Hugo Black: Dissent in Griswold v. Connecticut



  • affirm agree; in the language of the Supreme Court, to affirm is to agree with the disputed judgment of a lower court
  • agents elected representatives
  • construing interpreting
  • Due Process Clause a guarantee in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments that an individual accused of a crime has a right to be formally charged and tried
  • emanation something that comes from something else
  • HARLAN, WHITE and GOLDBERG John Marshall Harlan (1899–1971), Byron White (1917–2002), and Arthur Goldberg (1908–1990); served as associate justices of the Supreme Court, 1955–1971, 1962–1993, and 1962–1965, respectively
  • insecure not guaranteed
  • liberal reading open-minded interpretation
  • my Brother STEWART Potter Stewart (1915–1985), associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1958 to 1981; “brother” being a term used to refer to colleagues on the Court
  • niggardly stingy, small-minded
  • Ninth Amendment the amendment that guarantees that the listing of specific...
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Hugo Black (Library of Congress)

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