The Milestone Documents publishing program consists of ongoing content curation and development led by the Editors in Chief of our various subject areas. For subject areas that include the textbook layer articles, our Editors in Chief work with a Review Board of additional scholars to conduct the peer review.

Our award-winning document commentary is written by more than 300 historians and scholars from around the globe. Contributors and their affiliations are clearly identified in the commentary for each document. To view the full list of contributors, click here.


• U.S. History I to 1877*: 350 documents available
• U.S. History II 1877-present*: 550 documents available
• World History I to 1500*: 150 documents available
• World History II 1500-present*: 350 documents available
• Western Civilization I to 1500*
• Western Civilization II 1500-present*
• African American History
• American Studies
• Comparative Religions
• Latin American History
• Chinese History
• Middle Eastern History
• Ancient Near Eastern History
• High School U.S. History
• High School World History

Plus more coming soon. In fall 2013, courses with an asterisk will include an optional textbook layer of peer-reviewed narrative articles.


• U.S. History I to 1877: Philip DiMare (Cal State Sacramento) and Sandra A. Moats (Wisconsin Parkside)
• U.S. History II 1877-present: Jonathan Rees (Colorado State Pueblo)
• World History I to 1500: Joseph Stuart (University of Mary)
• World History II 1500-present: Eric Cunningham (Gonzaga University)
• Western Civilization I to 1500: Joseph Stuart (University of Mary)
• Western Civilization II 1500-present: Eric Cunningham (Gonzaga University)
• African American History: Claudrena Harold (University of Virginia)
• American Studies: Karen Linkletter (Cal State Fullerton)
• Comparative Religions: Robert Platzner (Cal State Sacramento)
• Latin American History: Kevin Chambers (Gonzaga University)
• Chinese History: Lisa Tran (Cal State Fullerton)
• Ancient Near Eastern History: Mark Chavalas (Wisconsin La Crosse)
• Middle Eastern History: Camron Amin (Michigan Dearborn)
• High School U.S. History: John A. King, Jr. (Ransom Everglades School, Miami, FL)
• High School World History: Jennifer Carey (Ransom Everglades School, Miami, FL)


Mark Chavalas, Wisconsin LaCrosse
David Burden, Indiana Wesleyan University
Adam Darlage, Oakton Community College
David Fahey, Ohio University
Aaron Gulyas, Mott Community College
Craig Kaplowitz, Judson University
Fawn-Amber Montoya, Colorado Sate Pueblo
Sandra Moats, Wisconsin-Parkside
Tracy Musacchio, CUNY
Chester Pach, Ohio University
Melinda Pash, Fayetteville Technical Community College
Franklin Rausch, Lander University
Kara Smith, Georgia Perimeter College
Andrew Witmer, James Madison University
Andrei Zavaliy, American University of Kuwait

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