World Civilizations and Their Sources: A Guided Journey through Key Documents, to 1500

  • ISBN: 9781935306382
  • Publication date: January 2020 | $19.95 student rental
  • E-book


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The second installment in our "Guided Journey" series of sourcebooks covers world history up to 1500. Designed for students who might struggle with large amounts of reading and unfamiliar texts, World Civilizations and Their Sources is especially suited to undergraduate survey courses. In 15 focused units, the editor guides students through world civilizations ranging from the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt to classical Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, the Americas, and the European Renaissance. This sourcebook offers students the essential tools they need to examine and analyze primary sources without overwhelming them with lengthy and difficult texts. It is suitable for survey courses in World History. 


About the Editor


James L. Halverson (PhD, University of Iowa, 1993) is Professor of History and Director of the Honors Program and General Education Program at Judson University. He specializes in medieval European intellectual and religious history. He has taught World History for 25 years and has produced source readers, study guides, and online resources for World History to 1500. 

Table of Contents

Each unit features the following:

  • Brief introduction to the era
  • 5 expertly edited sources
  • Short document overviews
  • Guiding questions
  • Unit review