Antônio Vieira: “Children of God’s Fire”

(ca. 1660)

Document Text

One of the remarkable things witnessed in the world today, and which we, because of our daily habits, do not see as strange, is the immense transmigration of Ethiopian peoples and nations who are constantly crossing over from Africa to this America. The fleet of Aeneas, said the Prince of Poets, brought Troy to Italy . . . ; and with greater reason can we say that the ships which one after the other are entering our ports are carrying Africa to Brazil. . . . A ship enters from Angola and on a single day unloads 500, 600, or perhaps 1,000 slaves. The Israelites crossed the Red...

Source: Robert Edgar Conrad. Children of God's Fire: A Documentary History of Black Slavery in Brazil. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1997.

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