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High School

  • Primary Sources for the 1:1 Classroom

    Milestone Documents is the easiest, most effective way to integrate primary sources into your classroom. Our digital platform provides access to 1,700 primary documents and corresponding in-depth commentary written by a global team of 300 scholars. It’s customizable, expertly curated, and accessible from any device. 

    Our content aligns with AP-level courses including U.S. History, World History, European History, and American Government. In addition, our staff can help districts and schools align it to any set of state curriculum standards, providing a custom solution tailored to every institution. 

    Homeschool educators, click here.

  • How It Works:

    1) Browse our collection.
    2) Add desired items to the readings list on your custom course page.
    3) Insert links to outside articles, multimedia items, or sites.
    4) Utilize highlights, annotations, and notes to help guide your students through each text.
    5) Monitor student usage and engagement via our custom reporting features.

    Milestone Documents is available via an annual site license of $595.


    Request a free two-week evaluation trial to get started. For evaluation access for an entire review committee, please e-mail us.

QUESTIONS? Call 1-888-416-5727 or