Egyptian Book of the Dead

(ca. 1569–1315 BCE)

Document Text

The Declaration of Innocence

  • To be said on reaching the Hall of the Two Truths so as to purge N of any sins committed and to see the face of every god:
  • Hail to you, great God, Lord of the Two Truths!
  • I have come to you, my Lord,
  • I was brought to see your beauty.
  • I know you, I know the names of the forty-two gods,
  • Who are with you in the Hall of the Two Truths
  • Who live by warding off evildoers,
  • Who drink of their blood,
  • On that day of judging characters before Wennofer.
  • Lo, your name is “He-of-Two-Daughters,”
  • (And) “He-of-Maat’s-Two-Eyes.”
  • Lo, I come before you,
  • ...

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