Hugo Chávez: Speech at the Opening of the Twelfth G-15 Summit


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Welcome to this land washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, crossed by the magnificent Orinoco River. A land crowned by the perpetual snow of the Andean mountains!

A land overwhelmed by the never-ending magic of the Amazon forest and its millenary chants!

Welcome to Venezuela, the land where a patriotic people has taken over again the banners of Simon Bolívar, its Libertador, whose name is well known beyond these frontiers!

As Pablo Neruda said in his “Chant to Bolívar”:

  • Our Father thou art in Heaven,
  • in water, in air
  • in all our silent and broad...

Source: “Speech by President Hugo Chávez, at the opening of XII G-15 Summit.” Web site.