Hymn of the Righteous Sufferer

(ca. 1770–600 BCE)

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  • Adad: a storm god
  • Aruru: the mother goddess of creation
  • epigastrium: the upper-central region of the abdomen
  • Erra: a god of pestilence, plague, and mayhem
  • Esagila: an ancient Babylonian temple dedicated to Marduk
  • gobbet: a chunk of meat
  • Laluralimma: possibly a Sumerian king
  • Nippur: an ancient Mesopotamian city in modern-day Iraq
  • Sarpanitum: a mother goddess and Marduk’s consort
  • sennet: a signal call on a trumpet
  • Shubshi-meshre-Sakkan: the name of the hymn’s narrator
  • swathe: an...