Procopius: Alaric’s Sack of Rome


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But the Visigoths, separating from the others, removed from there and at first entered into an alliance with the Emperor Arcadius, but at a later time (for faith with the Romans cannot dwell in barbarians), under the leadership of Alaric, they became hostile to both emperors, and, beginning with Thrace, treated all Europe as an enemy’s land. Now the Emperor Honorius had before this time been sitting in Rome, with never a thought of war in his mind, but glad, I think, if men allowed him to remain quiet in his palace. But when word was brought that the barbarians with a great...

Source: Procopius. History of the Wars. Vol 2, bks. 3–4. Translated by Henry Bronson Dewing. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1916.

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