Reform Edict of Urukagina

(ca. 2350 BCE )

Document Text


i 1–2) For the god Ningirsu, warrior of the god Enlil,

i 3–5) URU-KA-gina, king of Lagaš,

i 6–7) built the “palace” of [the city of] Tiraš,

i 8–9) built the Antasur [“Northern(?) Boundary”],

i 10– ii 3) built the temple of the goddess Baba and built a pantry[?] for her, her building of regular provisions,

ii 4–6) and built her sheep-plucking shed in the holy precinct for her.

ii 7–13) For the goddess Nanše, he dug the Nimin-DU canal, her beloved canal, and extended its outlet to the sea.

ii 14–iii 1) He built the wall of Girsu for him [the god Ningirsu].

iii 2–3) Now, since time...

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