Tirumular: “Atbudha Dance”

(ca. 400–700)

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  • Adharas the chakras
  • Ajna the chakra at the forehead
  • Asi-Pada “You Are That (Supreme)”
  • Bhootas the five principles or elements of the universe
  • Bodha knowing, spiritual knowledge, teaching
  • Chittambara city in Tamil Nadu known for its holy temple to Shiva Nataraja
  • Crore ten million
  • Ganas Shiva’s demigod attendants
  • Hara a name for Shiva
  • Iccha will or desire
  • Jiva the immortal essence or soul of a living being
  • Jnana knowledge or wisdom
  • Kriya action
  • Kundalini a form of psycho-spiritual energy, the energy...