Mobile apps

Explore the words that shaped the course of history, wherever you are. Our mobile applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch include “Presidential Speeches,” “Lincoln Speeches and Analysis,” and “Obama Speeches and Analysis,” each one offering authoritative texts of influential speeches plus expert analysis adapted from our award-winning Milestone Documents print reference series. Search, study, highlight, analyze, and annotate directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch with these must-have apps for all history lovers, teachers, and students. These apps are currently for sale in the iPhone app store:

  • DocNotes: Presidential Speeches Basic: $.99. Includes the full texts of 90 important presidential speeches from U.S. history, from George Washington’s first inaugural address to Barack Obama’s inaugural address.
  • DocNotes: Presidential Speeches Pro: $2.99. Also includes our award-winning analysis of each speech
  • Lincoln Speeches and Analysis: $.99. Includes the full texts of 4 iconic Lincoln speeches plus expert commentary and analysis by Lincoln scholar Paul Finkelman (Albany Law School)
  • Obama Speeches and Analysis: $.99. Includes the full texts of 4 iconic Obama speeches plus expert commentary and analysis by presidential historian Chester Pach (Ohio University)


  • Glossaries define difficult or unusual terms.
  • Search for words or phrases with INSTANT results and powerful advanced search options.
  • Email any document with your inline notes and colored highlights (12 color options) [1]
  • Highlight in 12 different colors.
  • Innovative paragraph slider allows you to instantly jump to any point in a document. (Similar to the alphabet slider in the Contacts app.) [1]
  • Navigate texts quickly with auto-scrolling (both variable-speed and tilt-based).
  • Customize fonts, size, colors, margins, spacing, and alignment.
  • Adjust the font size with a pinching gesture while reading.
  • Night mode—black background with white text—allows for low-light reading.
  • Bookmark documents and organize them into folders.
  • App remembers your last location within each document.

1 Not available in the Presidential Speeches—Basic app