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At Milestone Documents, we believe that engaging with history’s original voices is exciting for students and liberating for instructors. Our flexible, affordable, entirely digital anthologies help you focus your classroom on primary sources. Sign up today and join the growing roster of college instructors who are shifting their approach from the textbook to the source with fantastic results.

"I don't intend to ever assign a textbook again as long as Milestone Documents is available."
Kelly J. Shannon, Florida Atlantic University

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Why Choose Milestone Documents?
Textbooks are rigid, insular, and expensive. At Milestone Documents, we’ve created an innovative alternative for today’s digital classroom.

The power of Information. It starts with acclaimed, curated primary source anthologies aligned to common college courses. Each anthology is then fully customizable with sources and textbook articles from our vast collection—or from anywhere on the Internet.

Checking and Tracking Progress is essential. You can track student engagement and progress via your Reports tab.

Low-cost. Students only pay $19.95 for access. Instructor accounts are free. Select an anthology to get started.
"Your service is just amazing, from the content to its ease of use to the pleasing design. Thanks for operating a great site that has become my go-to resource for my U.S. survey course."
Laurie Hines, Kent State University - Trumbull
How It Works
Select the anthology that matches your course (or choose "Build Your Own" to start from scratch) and create your account.
Customize the anthology contents by deleting items you don't want, adding new ones from our collection, and/or inserting links to additional external sites/sources. You have the option of adding unit titles and due dates to all assigned readings.
Link to your LMS (we currently support Blackboard Learn and Canvas) and copy the student sign-up instructions to your syllabus.