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Ten Top Blogs for History Teachers


There are many terrific blogs written by and for history educators, including a number that focus on the themes that motivate us here at Milestone Documents: inquiry-based learning, technology integration, Web 2.0 teaching, and document-based learning, to name a few. We thought we’d take a moment to highlight ten such blogs. If you want to add to the conversation by highlighting other blogs, please post a comment below. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @MilestoneDocs.

Ten Top Blogs for History Teachers

Civil War Memory: This blog, written by Milestone Documents advisory board member Kevin Levin, is consistently engaging. It’s an essential read for all U.S. history teachers and anyone interested in the Civil War.

Teach Paperless: Shelly Blake-Plock describes his blog as one “meant to help teachers create and maintain SocialTech-integrated Paperless Classrooms.” It does all that in more, thanks to Blake-Plock’s passionate take on going digital in the classroom.

History Tech: Former history teacher Glenn Wiebe covers trends and issues related to the use of technology in the social studies classroom.

The History Teacher’s Attic: This is another blog from a Milestone Docs advisory board member, in this case Jeff Mummert. In addition to his regular blogging, Jeff is spearheading one of the more innovative history learning projects around: the Civil War Augmented Reality Project. Check it out.

World History Blog: It’s not easy to find good blogs devoted to world history, but we like this one, written by Dr. Miland Brown.

Synthesizing Education: Aaron Eyler tends to write broadly about education-related topics, particularly those related to the use of technology in the classroom, rather than focusing more narrowly on history items. But during the school year at least, he is one of the most prolific and provocative education bloggers around.

The History Channel This Is Not: As you can tell from the title, this blog by Nate Kogan is irreverent. But it’s also wide-ranging and always interesting.

Outside the Cave: Stephen Lazar’s blog is nicely designed and well written, and it covers a vast array of topics, from tech to standards to lesson planning.

Teaching the Civil War with Technology: The title nicely sums up the goal and focus of this blog by Jim Beeghley. Is it us, or are Civil War historians some of the most passionate and active folks around?

Don’t Just Put a Movie On: We don’t know much about this relatively new blog, but we sure like what we see. The writer focuses his posts on the use of film in the history classroom.

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