How It Works


With Milestone Documents, you design your course materials from among our huge collection of primary sources, unique textbook layer, and optional instructor resources, such as lecture notes and assessments. Our ever-expanding collection of documents is accompanied by in-depth commentary from a team of 300 scholars, and our innovative textbook layer of peer-reviewed narrative articles makes us an affordable alternative to traditional textbooks. You have total control over which elements you assign to your class and the ability to change them at any time. It's applicable for both college and high school courses in history and related subjects. It's your class. Teach it how you like.

Unique Combination of Textbook and Document Reader

1,600 primary sources (and counting)
• Useful across a wide array of courses, from high school to college survey to seminar
• Subject areas are curated and directed by Editors in Chief
• Documents are accompanied by in-depth commentary from a global team of 300 scholars
• Built-in textbook for U.S. History, World History, and Western Civilization courses

Works for College and High School Classrooms

Easy instructor setup, with help available at any time
• Set up your unique course page and begin adding readings in minutes.
• Pre-built readings lists available at any time
• Assign any number of documents, textbook articles, and outside links to your students, and change your list at any time.
• Our staff is standing by to help you build your readings list.

Student-centered platform

A tool to help students build critical skills.
• Students build reading skills and evidence-based analytical skills.
• In-depth commentary helps students grapple with primary sources.
• A digital platform that improves digital literacy

An affordable, digital solution for students

Only $19.95/semester. Special pricing for K-12 classrooms.
• Students can highlight, take notes, and star their favorite items
• Students can print any item on the site
• Accessible via any computer, smart phone, or tablet computer.

Case Studies

See how these instructors use Milestone Documents in the classroom.
Jonathan Rees, Colorado State--Pueblo
Eric Cunningham, Gonzaga University
Karen Linkletter, Cal State--Fullerton
Pam Laird, Colorado Denver