A. L. Geyer: “The Case for Apartheid”


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As one of the aftermaths of the last war, many people seem to suffer from a neurotic guilt complex with regard to colonies. This has led to a strident denunciation of the Black African’s wrongs, real or imaginary, under the white man’s rule in Africa. It is a denunciation, so shrill and emotional, that the vast debt owed by Black Africa to those same white men is lost sight of (and, incidentally, the Black African is encouraged to forget that debt). Confining myself to that area of which I know at least a very little, Africa south of the Equator, I shall say this without fear of reasonable contradiction: every millimetre of progress in all that vast area is due entirely to the White Man. You are familiar with the cry that came floating over the ocean from the West-a cry that “colonialism” is outmoded and pernicious, a cry that is being vociferously echoed by a certain gentleman in the East [Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of India].

May I point out that African...

Source: Ruth E. Gordon and Clive Talbot, eds. From Dias to Vorster: Source Material on African History, 1488–1975. Goodwood, SA: Nasou, n.d., 1977.