Document Quizzes and Custom Quiz Banks

Milestone Documents now offers document quizzes for several hundred sources in U.S. History, World History, and Western Civilization. These quizzes are available as text files that can be emailed to any adopting instructor who requests them. In addition, they are available via Respondus, which allows instructors to import quiz banks into their Learning Management System (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L/Brightspace, Moodle, et al.).


Our document quizzes are multiple-choice questions that are designed to test basic comprehension and understanding. A typical document quiz includes 2-4 questions.

Which Sources Include Quizzes?

At present, we offer quizzes for the documents covered in our standard, off-the-shelf Milestone Readers. Below is the list of those readers. Clicking on any link will take you to a list of the documents contained in that reader, each of which includes an associated quiz:

U.S. History I to 1877: The Milestone Reader in American History

U.S. History II 1865 - present: The Milestone Reader in American History

World History I to 1500: The Milestone Reader in World History

World History II 1500 - present: The Milestone Reader in World History

Western Civilization I to 1500: The Milestone Reader in Western Civilization

Western Civilization II 1500 - present: The Milestone Reader in Western Civilization

Custom Quiz Banks

In addition, we can create custom quiz banks to align with the custom reader created by any instructor. Simply create your tailored reader and request a quiz bank from us. We will compare your list of documents against our existing quiz bank and add all quizzes that are available. If your reader includes sources for which we don't currently have a quiz, we will pay you to create corresponding new quizzes per our guidelines. Once in place, we can send you the text file for your quiz bank, and we can also make it available via Respondus.

About Respondus Test Banks

All Milestone quiz banks are made available for free via the Respondus Test Bank Network. Any adopting instructor can search for the applicable quiz bank, then download and import it into his/her Learning Management System. Detailed instructions and how-to videos are available at Respondus.

Questions and Support

If you have questions about Milestone quizzes or require assistance in accessing and utilizing our quiz banks, please send an email to