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America and Its Sources: A Guided Journey through Key Documents, 1865-present

America and Its Sources: A Guided Journey through Key Documents, 1865-present
Milestone Documents e-book  e-book
Edited by
Erin L. Conlin and Stephan Schaffrath (both Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

© 2019
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Does your survey course include significant numbers of non-majors, ESL students, or other students who struggle with large amounts of reading? Our new U.S. History II sourcebook is designed to help. Through 14 focused units, the editors guide students from important post-1865 documents to major sources from contemporary America. The sourcebook offers students the essential tools they need to examine and analyze primary sources without overwhelming them with lengthy and difficult texts.


About the Editors


Erin L. Conlin (PhD, University of Florida, 2014) is an assistant professor of history at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). She specializes in public, oral, and 20th-century U.S. History. She regularly teaches courses in these areas and is actively developing the IUP Oral History Program. Her research examines the evolution of Florida’s modern farm labor system and its heavy reliance on non-citizen workers.

Stephan Schaffrath (PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2004) is developmental instructor in the Department of Developmental Studies at IUP. For most of the last twenty-some years, he has been working with first-year college students to prepare them in literacy education through composition, language, literature, reading, academic acclimation, learning skills, and career exploration courses. With a Certificate in Developmental Education from the Kellogg Institute and a PhD from IUP's Literature and Criticism program, Stephan is an ardent advocate for making even the most complex texts accessible to all students. 


Praise for America and Its Sources


"This sourcebook provides for students an impressive range of documents while at the same time laying a framework for students in the survey course to understand how they fit together within the contours of US History." --Katrina A. Sinclair, Pennsylvania College of Technology

"This book is a useful and engaging way to introduce students to primary sources in history, and to--ultimately--aid our objective to get them to think like historians, introducing them to the historian's tool kit." --Derek Kutzer, San Antonio College

"A really well-conceived source reader: The excerpts are about the right length, the introductory material sets a clear tone for what is to come, and the selections are as timely now as when they were originally written." --William Wantland, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Perspectives: Debates in World Civilization

Perspectives: Debates in World Civilization
Milestone Documents e-book  e-book
Edited by
Joseph T. Stuart

$9.95 standalone E-book
© 2019

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Six classroom-tested debates are featured in this innovative e-book. Built on primary sources, each debate asks students to step into the shoes of historical characters and argue for a position. As author Joseph T. Stuart says in the Introduction, "Debates have proven to be among the most successful tools in my experience as a teacher to encourage students to work with primary sources." Available via the Milestone Documents platform or through your college bookstore.

ISBN: 978-1-935306-43-6

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About the Author

Joseph T. Stuart (PhD, University of Edinburgh, 2010) is Associate Professor of History at the University of Mary. His research examines the relation between religion in culture during the Enlightenment and around the time of World War I. Stuart won the 2017-2018 Regents’ Award for Teaching Faculty at the University of Mary. He teaches surveys of world history and Western civilization as well as advanced courses in his research areas: historiography, political religion, and the history of science and medicine. He recently co-produced the original theatrical production North Dakota Voices from the Great War and served on the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Social Studies Content Standards Development Committee.

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