Allen Dulles: Address on the Soviet Military Threat


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Twelve years ago, on December 3, 1947, I had the honor of addressing the 52nd Annual Congress of American Industry, held by your Association. My subject on that occasion, as now, was, the Soviet Challenge. I then stated that this was a challenge to the United States “to prove that the system of free men under law can survive.”

This is still a challenge. Only a few weeks ago Khrushchev amiably advised us, as he left the United States, that Communism would in time take us over.

In 1947 the Soviets were basing their hopes—not so much on the economic and industrial might of their own system, as on their forecast of the imminent collapse of our free enterprise society.

Then it was Stalin, Molotov and Vishinsky who warned us and told the world that our Marshall Plan was merely a means of unloading excess commodities and capital to avoid an impending American crisis.

These old Soviet leaders have gone and so have gone many of their arguments. Their successors have...

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Allen Dulles (Library of Congress)

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