Allen Dulles: Television Interview on the Soviets’ Intentions


In both private meetings and in public speeches and television appearances, Allen Dulles remained remarkably consistent: He perceived the Soviet Union as a major threat to world peace—specifically to the stable relations that ought to have prevailed between the United States and its former enemies, especially Germany. Thus, the Soviet Union was a threat not only because it challenged and attempted to subvert U.S. supremacy in international relations but also because the Russians sought to rule through coercion, not cooperation. They wanted to dominate Eastern Europe, turning countries into Soviet satellites rather than reaching compromises and means of accommodation with neighboring nations. To Dulles, Europe could prosper only if Germany were restored to robust health as a sovereign power. As evidenced in his Television Interview on the Soviets’ Intentions, Dulles saw Soviet Communism as a more or less monolithic system that was slow to change and unlikely to develop the...

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Allen Dulles (Library of Congress)

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