Bab: Persian Bayan


Explanation and Analysis of the Document

The Persian Bayan was originally organized into a series of nineteen vahids, or “unities,” with nineteen babs, or “gates,” within each unity; the text itself ends with the tenth gate of the ninth unity. The number 19 is considered a holy number by Babis and Baha’is because it is a root of the number of days in the Babi calendar. Spirituality is implied in this organization, for each day of the year is a bab, or gate, leading to “Him Whom God shall make manifest.”

The Persian Bayan is unavailable in English as a complete text; only selections have been authoritatively translated and published. Even more unfortunate is that in its authoritative published form, released in 1976 as part of a Baha’i edition titled Selections of the Writings of the Bab, passages are presented out of order, especially since the opening of the text is essential to understanding the implicit spirituality of the whole. The Arabic term bayan means “all things,”...