Code of Hammurabi (Long Version)

(1752 BCE)


  • awilu a free person of the upper class
  • barleycorn a unit of currency, often silver, the size of a grain of barley
  • bridewealth amount paid to the parents of a bride by the groom or his family
  • iku, kur, sar, seah-measure, sila ancient measurements of area, weight, or volume for which there are no precise equivalents today
  • la'bum disease a malarial-type fever or a skin disease
  • naditu a priestess who was forbidden to have children
  • River Ordeal truth verification process where a witness, accuser, or potential criminal was required to submit to a trial of integrity. The person in question was made to dive into the river and swim a certain distance underwater before coming back to the surface. If the person succeeded, he was thought to have told the truth and was free from further obligations or suspicion. If the person either came up too soon or drowned, he was considered to have lied and (if he survived) was subject to penalties or even death.
  • sekretu woman isolated in a harem...
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