Constitution of Rwanda


Constitution of Rwanda


The National Council for Development, meeting as Constituent Assembly on 30 May 1991;

Trusting in God Almighty;

In view of the liberation action of the people of Rwanda accomplished by the social revolution of 1959;

Concerned about defending the republican form of government;

Born of the will of the people on 28 Jan 1961 and confirmed by referendum on 25 Sep 1961;

Resolved to safeguard the national indep recovered on 1 July 1962 as well as the acquisition moral revolution 5 July 1973;

Faithful to democratic principles and concerned about ensuring the protection of human rights and promoting respect for fundamental freedoms, in accordance with the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and the “African Charter of Rights of Humans and People”;

Wishing to adapt to national realities the constitutional principles established on 24 Nov 1962 and 20 Dec 1978 and to safeguard the national acquisitions for the purpose of reinforcing democracy;...

Source: Commonwealth Legal Information Institute.