Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress


The Stamp Act Congress was convened on October 7, 1765, to address the passage of the Stamp Act by Parliament on March 8, 1765. The delegates responded to the act on October 19 by issuing the Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress, which included fourteen resolutions and was accompanied by several petitions denying Parliament's authority to tax the thirteen colonies.The Stamp Act Congress and its Declaration of Rights helped lead to the Stamp Act's repeal in March 1766. They also led the colonists to focus on the idea of constitutional limitations on parliamentary authority, a concept that contributed to the American Revolution.

The Stamp Act required that anything formally written or printed must appear on stamped paper dispensed by English agents. This was a visible and pervasive tax, which was imposed by Parliament to help pay the great debts the English incurred while protecting their colonies during the French and Indian War (1754–1763). The stamp duties...

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Benjamin Franklin (Library of Congress)

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