Declaration of the Independence of the United Provinces of South America


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In the well-deserving and most worthy city of San Miguel del Tucumán, on the ninth day of the month of July, 1816, the ordinary sitting being ended, the congress of the United Provinces resumed its previous deliberations respecting the grand, august, and sacred object of the independence of the inhabitants constituting the same. The cry of the whole country for its solemn emancipation from the despotic power of the kings of Spain was universal, constant, and decided; nevertheless, the representatives carefully dedicated to this arduous affair the whole extent of their talents, the rectitude of their intentions, and the interest with which they viewed their own fate, that of the people represented, and also of their posterity. After mature deliberation, they were asked whether they considered it expedient that the provinces of the union should constitute a nation, free and independent of the kings of Spain and the mother country. Filled with the holy ardor of justice,...

Source: John Miller. Memoirs of General Miller, in the Service of the Republic of Peru, vol. I. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1828.