Elbridge Gerry: Second Reply to “A Landholder”



  • cacoethes scribendi Latin for “an irresistible urge to write”
  • calumny defamation, a false accusation
  • Gil Blas a French novel, L’Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane, written by Alain-René Lesage in the early eighteenth century
  • Luther Martin one of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention who refused to sign the new Constitution (1748–1826)
  • magnanimity generosity of spirit
  • Mandeville Bernard de Mandeville (1670–1733), Dutch physician who moved to England, where he translated Continental literature into English and wrote satires
  • McHenry James McHenry (1753–1816), delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Maryland
  • revile here, an obsolete usage to refer to language that is abusive or contemptuous
  • sanguine hopeful
  • shew obsolete spelling of show
  • star-chamber a legal body that issues arbitrary rulings in secret proceedings
  • subterfuges misrepresentations, stratagems designed to deceive
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Elbridge Gerry (Library of Congress)

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