Emanuel Swedenborg: Invitation to the New Church

(ca. 1760–1772)


  • Advent: the coming of Christ
  • Anthony of Padua: a popular Catholic saint later made a Doctor of the Church by the pope
  • Apostles’ Creed: a prayer containing the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith, supposedly composed by Christ’s twelve apostles
  • arcanum: a mystery or deep secret
  • Athanasian Creed: a Christian statement of belief that focuses on the Trinity
  • Augsburg Confession: the primary profession of faith of the Lutheran Church
  • Beelzebub: Satan, the devil
  • Calvin: John Calvin, a sixteenth-century French theologian and reformer
  • Daniel: an Old Testament prophet
  • Decalogue: the Ten Commandments
  • Descartes: René Decartes, a prominent seventeenth-century French philosopher, mathematician, and writer
  • Dives and Lazarus: a reference to one of Christ’s parables in the Gospel of Luke, about a rich man (Dives) who refuses to share his plenty with a poor beggar (Lazarus)
  • Elijah: an Old Testament prophet in Israel
  • Elisha: Elijah’s successor as an Old Testament prophet in...
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Cardinal Richelieu, who helped finance the Thirty Years‘ War (Library of Congress)

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