Bill Clinton: First Inaugural Address


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Clinton's victory in the 1992 presidential election was noteworthy in that he both defeated an incumbent and ended twelve years of Republican domination of the White House. Although in early 1991 George H. W. Bush had led the successful effort to repel Iraq's invasion of neighboring Kuwait, while the decades-long cold war had ended with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in late 1991, the American public was pessimistic about the future of the nation. The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in the birth of new republics, fueling long-standing ethnic and religious tensions in the region that exploded into violence in Yugoslavia. As America sank into economic recession, many feared that the country had lost its edge to technologically superior nations in Asia. Believing that the country was headed in the wrong direction, the public sought change. Campaigning with a message that he would fight for middle-class Americans, Clinton won...

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Bill Clinton (Library of Congress)

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