Gerald Gardner: Book of Shadows

(ca. 1953)


  • Amalthean Horn Prayer: an adaption of a poem published by Aleister Crowley in 1907; in classical mythology, Amalthea, a foster mother of the Greek god Zeus, was depicted with a “horn,” that is, a cornucopia overflowing with grains and fruits.
  • amulet: a piece of jewelry thought to provide magical protection against evil or disease
  • Aphrodite: the Greek goddess of love and sexuality
  • Aradia: the daughter of Lucifer and the goddess Diana, sent to earth to teach oppressed Italian peasants how to use witchcraft against the upper classes
  • Arianrhod: a Celtic goddess famed for her beauty
  • Artemis: the Greek goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility
  • aspergillum: an implement (such as a brush, branch, or perforated ball) used to sprinkle holy water
  • Asperging Circle: the circle in which people are “asperged,” or sprinkled with holy water
  • Astarte: an ancient goddess of love and fertility
  • Athame: a black-handled dagger
  • Bride: that is, Bridget, the patron...
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The goddess Diana (Yale University Art Gallery)

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