Lotus Sutra

(ca. 100 BCE–200 CE)


  • Ajnata-Kaundinya: one of the five ascetics who were companions of the Buddha
  • arhat: personal awakening
  • bodhisattva: or “buddha-to-be,” one who is dedicated to the liberation of all beings and is thus an embodiment of compassion
  • Brahma: the Hindu god of creation
  • Devadatta: Shakyamuni’s (the Buddha’s) cousin
  • Dharma: a complex concept that can refer to the basic principles of the cosmos or to a person’s duty to follow a virtuous path
  • Indra Devendra: title given to the Hindu god Indra
  • Maitreya: a bodhisattva who is to appear on the earth, achieve complete enlightenment, and...
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Seated Buddha (Yale University Art Gallery)

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