Miranda v. Arizona



  • adversary system legal system, as in the United States, in which opposing parties contest each other before an independent judge
  • amicus curiae literally, “friend of the court,” a nonparty in the proceedings who files a brief arguing issues to be settled in the case
  • certiorari a writ issued by an appellate court calling up a lower court case for review; the way most cases reach the U.S. Supreme Court
  • exculpatory regarding evidence, tending to establish innocence
  • inculpatory regarding evidence, tending to show guilt or involvement in a crime
  • inquisitorial system legal system used in much of the world outside the United States and Britain, in which the judge directs most facets of the inquiry, including the collection of evidence and the questioning of witnesses
  • Solicitor General Justice Department official who conducts all litigation on behalf of the United States in the Supreme Court
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Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote the Court's decision in Miranda v. Arizona. (Library of Congress)

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