One America in the 21st Century


On September 18, 1998, the panel that carried out President Bill Clinton’s Initiative on Race released its final report, One America in the 21st Century. Earlier, on June 13, 1997, Clinton had issued Executive Order 13050, which charged the panel with investigating the state of American race relations at the end of the twentieth century. The directive asked the panel to advise him “on matters of race and racial reconciliation,” to “promote a constructive national dialogue to confront and work through challenging issues that surround race,” and to “identify, develop, and implement solutions to problems in areas in which race has a substantial impact, such as education, economic opportunity, housing, health care, and the administration of justice.” To carry out these tasks, he called on seven distinguished experts led by the panel’s chairman, the historian John Hope Franklin. For some fifteen months the members of the panel traveled throughout the United States, conducting...

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Bill Clinton (Library of Congress)

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