Paracelsus: Concerning the Nature of Things



  • arcanum a mystery or deep secret, or an elixir or secret remedy
  • Archeus the vital life force
  • basilisks legendary reptiles or serpents
  • benedicta garyophyllata an herb
  • cachymiae the plural form of a word referring to an imperfect metallic body, or immature ore of metal, that is neither saline nor metal but almost metallic
  • civet a catlike mammal that secretes a musk used in perfumes, or the musk itself
  • cucurbite a vessel or flask for distillation
  • garyophyllon dried flower buds of the clove
  • Hermes probably a reference to Hermes Trismegistus, a Greco-Egyptian god and putative author of a Gnostic text
  • homunculus an artificial human
  • hydromel mead, or honey diluted in water
  • imbibition the absorption of a liquid
  • Luna probably silver
  • marchasite iron sulfide, often called iron pyrite
  • mumia anything that serves the transmission of the vital life force—as, for example, a vaccine
  • Philosophers’ Stone a legendary alchemical substance thought to be capable of turning base metals, especially lead,...
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Samuel Hahnemann, creator of homeopathy (Library of Congress)

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