Pyramid Texts

(ca. 2494–2193 BCE)

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Invoking Osiris

Recitation. The sky has become disheveled, the earth has trembled. Horus has come, Thoth has appeared, that they might raise Osiris from off his side and make him stand up in the Dual Ennead.

Remember, Seth, and put in your heart this speech that Geb has said, this curse that the gods have made against you in the Official’s Enclosure in Heliopolis, because you threw Osiris to the earth, when you said, Seth: “It was not against him that I did this,” so that you might take control thereby when your control was taken away for Horus; when you said, Seth: “In fact, he has been attacking [me],” and his identity of earth-attacker came into being; when you said, Seth: “In fact, he has been kicking me,” and his identity of Orion came into being, wide of foot, spread of stride, and foremost of the Nile-Valley land.

Raise yourself, Osiris, for Seth has raised himself, having heard the curse of the gods, who spoke on behalf of the god’s father. (Give) your arm to...

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Bas-relief and hieroglyphics on an arched stele with eyes of Horus at the top (Library of Congress)

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