Reform Edict of Urukagina

(ca. 2350 BCE )

Document Text


i 1–2) For the god Ningirsu, warrior of the god Enlil,

i 3–5) URU-KA-gina, king of Lagaš,

i 6–7) built the “palace” of [the city of] Tiraš,

i 8–9) built the Antasur [“Northern(?) Boundary”],

i 10– ii 3) built the temple of the goddess Baba and built a pantry[?] for her, her building of regular provisions,

ii 4–6) and built her sheep-plucking shed in the holy precinct for her.

ii 7–13) For the goddess Nanše, he dug the Nimin-DU canal, her beloved canal, and extended its outlet to the sea.

ii 14–iii 1) He built the wall of Girsu for him [the god Ningirsu].

iii 2–3) Now, since time immemorial, since the seed [of life] came forth—

iii 4–6) In those days [before me], the head boatman appropriated boats,

iii 7–8) the livestock official appropriated asses,

iii 9–10) the livestock manager appropriated sheep,

iii 11–13) the fisheries inspector appropriated taxes,

iii 14–17) and the lustration priests measured out grain taxes [as payment] at [the town of] AMBAR.

iii 18–iv 1) The shepherds of...