Harry S. Truman: Truman Doctrine


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President Truman, attempting to follow the reported suggestion of Senator Arthur Vandenberg that he play on the fear of the American people in his address, begins his short congressional address by announcing that the situations in Greece and Turkey are grave and that they directly involve the national security of the United States.

The first half of the speech focuses on the situation in Greece and on the Greek government's request for financial and military assistance. The president bluntly declares that Greece's survival as a democratic nation is dependent on the United States. The dire economic plight of Greece was due to four years of occupation under Nazi Germany, during which crops and fields had been destroyed, inflation had run rampant, and health conditions had deteriorated. Lacking the funds to import goods and services necessary for recovery, the Greek government called on the United States for technological and economic...

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Harry Truman (Library of Congress)

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