Woodrow Wilson: Fourteen Points



Wilson hoped to remake the world; to do that, he aimed his address at several audiences throughout the world. Wilson, in fact, was the first national leader literally to address the world, thanks to new radio transmitters that relayed his address to Western Europe, South America, and Asia. He hoped to rally the American people to support both the war and his noble war aims. Wilson also hoped to persuade the governments and peoples of his nation's new allies to support his vision, particularly a league of nations, and to rescind their demands for a harsh peace, reparations, and the territorial acquisitions specified in the secret treaties that Russia's new Bolshevik government had recently revealed. Following the completion of a new radio transmitter in February, Wilson broadcast his address into enemy nations, where he hoped his generous terms and compelling vision would persuade the German and Austrian peoples to pressure their governments to make peace or even...

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Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points (National Archives and Records Administration)

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