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New Western Civilization Content at Milestone Documents

New Western Civilization Content at Milestone Documents

We are pleased to announce a new collection of primary documents related to Western Civilization. Encompassing nearly 150 documents and including our one-of-a-kind expert analysis and commentary, the new coverage aligns with the reading lists of Western Civ courses at the high school and collegiate levels. The documents span the full range of Western Civ studies from ancient times to the twenty-first century and include key books of the Old Testament; writings from Classical Greece and Rome; key works from early Christianity through medieval, Renaissance, and Enlightenment Europe; and documents from the great wars and upheavals of the twentieth century. At left is an image of John Locke. Examples of our new coverage include:

The complete list of documents is accessible via our Western Civilization theme page. Among the scholars whose commentary appears alongside the documents are Andrew Mansfield, University of Sussex; Scott Cashion, University of Arkansas; Aaron Gulyas, Mott Community College; Christopher Abram, University College London; and William Burns, George Washington University.

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