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Site of the Month: BBC Religions

Site of the Month: BBC Religions

The British Broadcasting Corporation is the largest broadcasting organization in the world. It is dedicated to programming that informs and educates as well as entertains. It is established by a royal charter and funded by UK taxpayers. Its reputation as a reliable news source is accepted worldwide. Among its many endeavors, the BBC has created a set of Web pages devoted to world religions. Twenty of the world’s largest religions are represented on the site. For each religion, pages exist that provide a summary “at a glance,” history, beliefs, customs, holy days, people, rites, texts, and moreā€”up to twenty pages for the most common religions. The BBC also hosts image galleries that illustrate religious activities and ceremonies.

Because this site is created by a non-religious entity, its purpose is to inform, not indoctrinate, making it an acceptable site for research in most public schools. This site works hand in hand with the religious texts that students can study at by providing the background information necessary to understand the primary source document texts themselves.

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