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Welcome to the New

Welcome to the New

I am pleased to welcome you to the brand-new Milestone Documents Web site. Our site has been completely overhauled and now provides many more resources for history students, teachers, history buffs, and general researchers.

Aside from the new site design, the biggest change that readers will notice is the inclusion of hundreds of new primary source documents from both U.S. and world history. We now feel that we have the most comprehensive collection of critical primary documents on the Web. Moreover, we’ve selected the documents on our site with great care and consideration, working with dozens of scholars and educators to bring you the most-studied documents in high school and lower undergraduate history, government, and political science classrooms.

Much of the content on this site is free, from the texts of the primary documents themselves, to the descriptions and overviews of the documents written by our editorial staff, and time lines and essential quotes. Beyond that free content, however, we now offer nearly 400 exclusive DocNotes study guides—in-depth articles, written by historians and scholars, that analyze key documents and people and place them in their historical context. Selling for only $4.99 each, these DocNotes are a convenient, trusted source for detailed information about the primary documents covered on our site.

One of the best ways to browse the content on the site is through our “Features” pages. Here, our editorial staff has pulled together various categories of documents that serve as a “themed” approach to historical documents. From the U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction to Islamic History to Women’s History, these pages offer a terrific way to interact with our site.

Among the most exciting changes on the new site is the addition of a more robust Teacher Resources section. This new area is organized by era and offers dozens of handouts and other useful tools for history teachers. In addition, later this week we will be launching a newly redesigned version of our Teaching with Documents newsletter. This free e-newsletter will provide wonderful teaching options for educators looking to incorporate primary documents into the classroom. Signing up for the newsletter only takes a few seconds.

Although we are very proud of this new site, we will continue to tweak it over the weeks and months ahead, and regular visitors will no doubt notice these changes. Among other items, we will be working to make the search feature work more effectively. In addition, though, we will continue to add new content on a daily basis with regular articles about primary sources in the news, guest blogs from our team of historical experts, and fresh tools for history educators. I encourage readers to subscribe to the RSS feed of our daily updates.

If you have any questions about the new site or suggestions to help us improve it, don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, I hope you will explore the site in detail and bookmark it and return in the future. Thanks for visiting.

Neil Schlager

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