History of Japan

Editor in Chief: Eric Cunningham, Gonzaga University

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From the essential sources of the Yamato Kingdom to the landmark documents of twentieth-century Japan, our digital anthology is the most flexible and powerful primary source offering in the industry. The standard version of the anthology includes more than 30 sources, from dipomatic reports and letters to treaties, legal texts, religious sources, and more. Plus, you can customize the anthology by adding external sources and website links as well. Create your review account today to browse our full collection and begin tailoring your own anthology. It’s your class. Teach it your way.


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Table of Contents

30 sources in the standard version


1. Prehistoric Myths and Chinese Diplomatic Reports
2. The Yamato Kingdom
3. Aristocratic Japan
4. Japan under Warrior Rule
5. Early Modern Japan
6. Meiji, Taisho, and Early Showa
7. Post–World War II Japan